Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Unpack And Setup My Komfy K9 Bed?2019-05-20T20:41:29-06:00

To make it easier to start using your Komfy K9, follow these simple steps. After unpacking the mat from the box, remove the straps. With the straps removed, it is not necessary to unroll the mat. Simply remove the stopper from the fill valve and let the mat automatically fill. There is no need to blow up the mat with a pump. It takes about 1 hour to fully inflate.

When it is fully inflated, push the stopper into the valve. You will then need to push the valve into the mat so it is flush with the mat. Tuck in the pull flap so it doesn’t stick out. The mat is now ready for you to put the cover on. The last two corners are easily pulled over the mat to give a snug fit. With a snug fit, the mat is now ready for use.