Why Your Dog Needs A Bed

Most dogs can be reasonably comfortable sleeping pretty much anywhere. Whether it’s on the furniture, in a corner, in the middle of the living room rug, on the human bed, on a lap, etc. So if your dog can find a comfortable space to sleep without a having their own dog bed, you may be wondering why a dog bed is necessary? The right dog bed will serve many purposes. Not just for the dog, but for you as well.

Reasons Your Dog Will Love Having A Dog Bed 

As we said, dogs may be able to sleep in a variety of places, but the right dog bed will be much more comfortable for your dog. Having the right dog bed, in the right size will provide your dog with:

  • Warmth: The proper dog bed will help insulate your dog from a cold floor, like wood or tile. Your dog’s body heat will be trapped by the bedding, creating a very cozy, warm place for the dog to snuggle up in.

  • Comfort: Of course, a padded dog bed is going to be more comfortable to sleep on than a hard floor. This is especially true for older dogs that may suffer from arthritis or any dog that may have joint stiffness, hip trouble or similar problems. Our dog beds have a soft foam core that is very comfortable and even therapeutic. Along with our therapeutic foam core, our dog beds come with a plush quilted cover to add extra comfort. Our dog beds provide the needed support for your dogs and are especially good for senior dogs.

  • Security: When your dog has his or her own dog bed, it will become a safe space for them. The dog bed is an area they know is theirs, an area that they know they can always go to for rest and relaxation. When you have a dog bed that provides comfort, your dog will feel safe, secure, and at peace on that bed. This becomes especially true if you end up having to move or if your dog is being boarded or watched in another home while you’re away. Being in a new place may make your dog uncomfortable, but if they have their dog bed with them, they will still know it is their secure and safe place.

Reasons You Will Love Having A Bed For Your Dog

Don’t think of a dog bed as just a place for your pet to sleep. Many people don’t realize that having a dog bed can help with a number of different things, such as:

  • Training: A dog bed works as a great place to train your dog to retreat to if you’re needing them to be out of the way for whatever reason. This can help with discipline, such as training them to go to their bed so they don’t beg at dinner time. Another great reason to have a dog bed would be to help keep your dog off the furniture or other places they shouldn’t be. A dog bed isn’t only a comfortable place for your dog, but it can be very helpful for you if your dog is trained to use it.

  • Cleaning: If your dog has a comfortable dog bed that they want to use, cleaning will be easier for you. Instead of dog hair collecting on furniture, it will be concentrated more on the dog bed. Now you just have to worry about keeping your dog bed clean. One thing that makes our dog beds so great, is how easy they are to clean! Our dog beds come will easy on/off covers. The covers are extremely easy to remove and can be thrown in the washer for cleaning, They even hold up in the dryer, and will not shrink or change shape. Once the cover is clean, it easily goes back on the bed and stays in place while the bed is in use. The other great thing about our dog beds is the inner core is made of comfortable foam, but the outer material is waterproof and easy to sanitize. Due to the makeup of our beds, they do not collect dander, allergens, or odor.

  • Safety: You can position your dog bed in a safe, secure place. Train the dog to use it in order to keep your dog from jumping on furniture. This will reduce the risk of broken objects, and keeps the pet from damaging or dirtying upholstery.

Looking for the perfect dog bed for your dog? Our dog beds provide enhanced comfort, are waterproof, easy to clean, and roll up for travel. Dogs love our beds, and we know yours will too! If you’re ready to give our beds a try, shop now!

Our beds aren’t just for dogs. Cats love them too.

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