Why Komfy K9 Beds are the Best!

Our Komfy K9 beds were developed over years of trial and error. We truly believe that we produce the best dog and cat beds available! Our beds are easy to sanitize and clean, are soft and therapeutic, odor resistant, are great for travel, and they are tough.

Easy to clean

The cover design makes them extremely easy to remove, launder, and replace making your pet’s bed as easy to clean as changing your own bedding. Yet the cover will stay securely on the bed when in use. The inner core of the bed is made up of foam and air pockets and is then wrapped with a rugged outer material that is waterproof and easy to sanitize.

Due to the waterproof and dirtproof outer material, dander, dirt, and hair cannot build up in the mattress. This totally eliminates smells, allergens, and dirty beds!

They provide comfort and support

The mattress while tough is also very comfortable and even therapeutic, provided needed support for all dogs and cats, and is especially good for senior pets. We have a variety of different beds with different cover choices.

Komfy K9 travel and carry case
Komfy K9 beds are great for travel

If you like to travel a lot, attend dog shows, or like to go camping with your dog, Komfy K9 beds are great for travel. If you have a crate, we have beds specifically sizes for travel crates and kennels. Our beds roll up to be more compact and once you reach your destination, you can simply unroll the bed and wait for it to self inflate.

bernedoodle puppies on a Komfy K9 dog bed

About our different beds

Our pet owner line comes with a plush quilted cover. The veterinarian line comes with more water resistant cover and the beds include a therapy pocket for use with hot or cold packs. The crate and kennel line comes with a lightweight water-resistant fabric that is easy to launder and dries quickly.

All pets love our beds

We know your pet will love their Komfy K9 bed. We’ve had many customers say that their pets now prefer their Komfy K9 bed over the couch or other bed.

“Great dog bed! Bought it at the GoPro games in Vail, CO. I have a husky who we’ve allowed to get into the habit of sleeping on the comfy couch or comfy bed, and he often chooses the dog bed now! Great for camping too. The thing is tough as nails but still feels soft. Consider us a couple happy customers!” —Zach

“These beds are so easy to clean and the dogs seem to love them. I can’t say enough about how wonderful Komfy K9’s customer service/support is – they truly go above and beyond and have put so much time and effort into their designs. We feel great supporting this company and its products!” —Mary

“We travel full-time in an RV with our three-legged GSD Wyatt Ray, and love his Komfy K9 bed nearly as much as he does! It is clearly comfortable, as he prefers it over the sofa-bed we leave down for him. It quickly rolls up for easy storage and transport to conferences we attend. The bed auto-inflates when unrolled and a bit of air provides a firm orthopedic feel—ideal for ‘tripawds’ or senior dogs. The cover slips off and a spare is nice to have so we always have a cover on when one needs to be washed.” —Jerry

Are you interested in purchasing one of our beds? Check out our shop for everything we have to offer and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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