Summer Travel with Your Dog

Summer is just around the corner. It’s time for vacations, road trips, and travel! Are you wanting to bring your dog on a trip with you? Before you bring your dog on vacation, there are some things you should do before the trip and a few tips to keep in mind while traveling with your dog.

Take a visit to the vet

Before you start planning any trips or go anywhere, you’ll want to schedule a visit to the vet. Your vet can advise you on how healthy your dog is and if they are good to travel. Many places require that your dog has vaccines that are up to date or vet health certificate. Do your research about the areas you’ll be traveling to. If your dog has health issues, talk to your vet about it.

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Make sure any IDs are up to date

No one ever plans to or wants to deal with a runaway dog, but it can happen even to the most well-behaved dogs. Being in an unfamiliar environment can put extra stress on your dog, and unfamiliar sights and sounds can frighten your dog. Make sure the ID tag has up to date information and is securely attached to their collar. You may also consider a microchip for extra security.

Research dog-friendly areas and methods of travel

More and more places are becoming dog-friendly. But you don’t want to get to your destination and find out many of the things you had planned to do with your dog are off limits. For example, dogs are not allowed on any trails in most national parks. However, other state and public lands usually have dog-friendly trails near the national parks. Use a website or app such as BringFido to research and find dog-friendly things to do.

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Find a dog sitter or boarding facility local to where you’ll be traveling

Even you plan all dog-friendly activities, it’s still good to have a backup plan just in case. Find a trusted dog sitter or boarding facility so that if you decide to venture off without your dog, you can rest assured that they are in good hands. You may want to check ahead of time to see if reservations or advanced bookings are required.

Bring some comforts from home

Having some familiar items and a similar routine will help your dog settle into a new place more quickly. Komfy K9 beds will keep your dog comfortable and they are great for travel because they roll up, are easy to clean, and they self inflate for easy setup. You can also bring your dog’s favorite blanket, toy, treats, or other items that can make them feel more at home.

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Are you wondering why Komfy K9 dog beds are the best dog beds for travel? They roll up, self inflate, are easy to clean, tough, and they keep your dog comfortable! Shop all of our products or contact us with questions. 

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