Exercising and Entertaining Your Dog in Winter

Winter is usually a time of year when most of us are less active. Your dog is still going to need exercise, and it’s good for you too! If your dog is lacking exercise or entertainment, they can tend to become very active in a small space such as in your house, they may also use all that pent up energy in developing destructive habits.

obedience classes for dogs

Attend some obedience classes

Obedience classes are a great way to keep your dog’s mind going. Dogs are smart and training them with new tricks or obedience classes are a great way to make them think and keep their mind occupied. Going to training classes is also a great way to socialize your dog. And since they will be in “neutral territory” and not their home turf, they’re less likely to be as guarded as they could be around other dogs at home.

treat dispensing toy for dogs

Give your dog some treat dispensing toys

Treat dispensing toys can keep your dog occupied for long periods of time if they are stuck inside for a while. Making them work for their food is good for their mind and can also help with their teeth and gum health. Put treats in a ball or other toy they have to roll around. Or use something like a Kong and fill the inside with peanut butter or another treat. You may have to try different toys and treats to see which ones motivate your pet.

playing with a dog outside in winter

Embrace the cold and get outside

You and your dog may be reluctant to go outside in the cold weather, but once you’re out there and going on a walk or playing together, you’ll both forget the cold. If you like cross country skiing or snowshoeing, look for some dog-friendly trails and other areas. Having your dog run through the snow with you is great exercise and is sure to tire them out.

exercising your dog in the winter

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