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Which Pet Bed Are You Interested In?

Join the Komfy K9™ trend and find out why so many pet owners are making the switch! We offer 3 different Komfy K9™ lines – Choose between our Veterinarian-Approved (and preferred!) Dog Beds, our Crates & Kennels Line which were made to fit your crate, and our oh-so-komfy Pet Owners Line for the home. Once you get Komfy, you’ll never buy another dog or cat bed again… and you may even be envious this wasn’t created for you!

the best dog beds- easy to clean & self inflating


Our Dog and Cat Bedding for Pet Owners were designed for in-home use for easy cleaning and no allergens.

Komfy K9 dog beds for use in crates & kennels


Our Professional Bedding for Veterinarians are designed to reduce laundry and includes a therapy pocket!

Komfy K9 beds- the #1 veterinarian approved dog beds


Our Dog and Cat Bedding for Crates & Kennels were designed for standard travel crates and easy cleaning.


Easy To Clean

Easy On/Off Cover


Enhanced Comfort


Rolls Up For Travel

Articles For The Pet Enthusiast

Follow our blog to read up on articles geared towards our products, your pets, and much more! Komfy K9 is proud to offer you the best dog beds so cleaning and traveling won’t be so “ruff”.

Things To Think About When Searching For A Pet Bed

As a dog or cat owner, you're most likely aware of the numerous choices when it comes to pet beds on the market today! There are beds that range from $10 that can be bought at the grocery store, to actual mattress-like beds that can cost over $1,000. All [...]

Why Your Dog Needs A Bed

Most dogs can be reasonably comfortable sleeping pretty much anywhere. Whether it's on the furniture, in a corner, in the middle of the living room rug, on the human bed, on a lap, etc. So if your dog can find a comfortable space to sleep without a having their [...]

Why Komfy K9 Beds are the Best!

Our Komfy K9 beds were developed over years of trial and error. We truly believe that we produce the best dog and cat beds available! Our beds are easy to sanitize and clean, are soft and therapeutic, odor resistant, are great for travel, and they are tough. Easy to [...]

Summer Travel with Your Dog

Summer is just around the corner. It's time for vacations, road trips, and travel! Are you wanting to bring your dog on a trip with you? Before you bring your dog on vacation, there are some things you should do before the trip and a few tips to keep in [...]

Spring Grooming Tips for Your Dog and Cat

Spring is the time of year when many dogs and cats start shedding. This is a time of year where their grooming might need some special attention. Many times your short-haired pets can shed the excess winter fur with ease, but your extra furry friends might need some extra help. [...]

Exercising and Entertaining Your Dog in Winter

Winter is usually a time of year when most of us are less active. Your dog is still going to need exercise, and it's good for you too! If your dog is lacking exercise or entertainment, they can tend to become very active in a small space such as in [...]

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